♦☆ YHASYME har bursdag // has birthday

mood: content
music: FF7:AC ♪ One Winged Angel
reading/watching: nothing
eating/drinking: nothing
loving: 홍기 & 종훈 ♥

NORSKTwinzen har bursdag i dag :D Tusen takk te all som har gratulert oss, gitt oss gava og ønska :)♥

ENGLISHThe twins have birthday today :D Thank you all for your congratulations, presents and wishes :)♥

NORSKSpist middag attme bestemor, bestefar, morfar og mamma i dag :) Maten var kjempe god~~

ENGLISHHad dinner with grandma, grandpa, grandpa and mum today :) The food was lovely~~

NORSK ↑ trykk for en lit’n videosnutt :)

ENGLISH ↑ click for a short video :)

♦☆ anego & Malipop

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  1. 1 trude 15/02/2011 at 2:26 PM


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