can you feel my heartbeat?

NORSK Bare for å vise at vi fortsatt lever~~ (Kjempefint bilde sjø :P)

ENGLISH Just to show that we’re still alive~~ (Oh, what a pretty picture :P)

♦★ anego & Malimali


6 Responses to “can you feel my heartbeat?”

  1. 1 mamsen 24/11/2009 at 12:28 AM

    Fine veitja ja:) E kjæmpestolt av dokk! Mammaklæm:)

  2. 3 Setsu 27/11/2009 at 2:55 AM

    Ahh so cuuute! Ane I want your jacket and Mali I want the pink in your hair haha

    Also it makes me so happy that you still use Anego ;3;

    • 4 yhasyme 27/11/2009 at 4:39 PM

      ahhh xD I bought the jacket at Forever21!! its so fucking sexy D:
      && omfg the pink in Mali’s hair is already fading like wtf T.T

      of course I use anego!! it’s my favourite nickname ever!! i love it T.T lol


  3. 5 tru 27/11/2009 at 7:07 AM


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