Ja… Da hadde vi innstalert oss på hotellet! Fikk e-post fra han med leiligheta tidligere i dag som vi ikke fikk sjekke før nå, men han skal ringe oss i morgen slik at vi får se på den :) Satser på at det årner seg!

Well… Then we had installed ourself at the hotel! We recieved an e-mail from the guy about the apartment ealier today, which we didn’t get to read before now, but he’s going to call us tomorrow so we’ll view it :) We suppose it’ll work out!

Bare et bilde fra Beijing flyplass. Den var ganske tom for folk :/ Det var veldig greit å finne fram etc… Hele turen var no grei da~

Just a picture from Beijing airport. It was pretty emtpy for people :/ It was simple to find the way etc… The entire trip was all right too~

Man må jo camwhore i Hangeng og Zhoumis hjemland!

One has to camwhore in Hangeng and Zhoumi’s home country!

Jager på setene Super Junior M satt på…

Stalking the seats Super Junior M was sitting on…

Vi fikk trøbbel med bussen fra flyplassen, så vi fikk ikke møtt Astrid i dag :( Meeen vi tok fort undergrunden til Myeongdong for å spise på Pizza Mall!

We got some trouble with the buss from the airport, so we didn’t get to meet Astrid today :( Buuut we soon took the subway to Myeongdong to eat at Pizza Mall!

Savnet for Green Apple Yoghurt har vært stort!

The longing for Green Apple Yoghurt has been huge!

I tillegg til masse pene gutter (og jenter) var det maaange stilige klær til salgs. Ane kunne ikke dy seg og bare måtte ha dette skjørtet til en billig penge!

In addition to the pretty boys (and girls), there were so many awesome clothes all around. Ane couldn’t help herself and just had to buy this skirt for a small amount of money!

På hjemturen kjøpte vi med oss 2% og hite. 2% er den drikken vi har siklet etter siden vi dro fra Seoul forrige gang, og hite er ølet Big Bang reklamerer for for øyeblikket. Det var jo greit det…

On our way home we bought 2% and hite. 2% is the drink we’ve been drooling over ever since we left Seoul the last time, and hite is the beer Big Bang’s commercaling for at the moment. It was fair enough…

Før vi går og legger oss titter vi litt TV og sjekker internettet for nyheter etc.

Before we go to bed we watch some telly and check the internet for news etc.

♦★ anego & Malimali


5 Responses to “hite”

  1. 1 Sammet 07/04/2009 at 12:54 PM

    Aww already seems like the fun is starting, I’m kind of envious! I’ve only been out of country twice, and never in Asia at all. :) I’ll be stalking this blog like a madman, rofl. Camewhores, ahoy!

    • 2 yhasyme 07/04/2009 at 6:24 PM

      Yeah, lol, it’s tons of fun :D hjksdhjksdkahj you should visit!! or maybe we could go to Japan together D: bwah~ ahahahah awww we have a stalker! <3

  2. 3 Sammet 08/04/2009 at 1:49 PM

    Should, yes. But I won’t be able to go abroad for a long time, I presume. In autumn I move to my own place, and then I start studies (means no munneh for me). Gonna try to get a part time somewhere, but meh. D: Wanna go to Egypt, Singapore and Japan before I die. Going to Japan together would be rad :)

  3. 4 Sammet 08/04/2009 at 1:50 PM

    +++ With abroad I don’t mean Finland, Norway and Iceland. Those countries are home, too.

  4. 5 Ane 08/04/2009 at 5:52 PM

    haha, yeah <3 we’ll be cheering for you about the moving out and study thing!! we’re trying to do the same thing here D: but at the moment…its only been 2 days… so.. lol. our course we are planning to take starts in june, so :/ gonna work until then i suppose. need to settle this apartment thing first.

    hehe, scandinavia is home indeed!

    <3 love you

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